Amazing Book Challenge

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Have you fallen into a rut with your reading habit? Would you like to try reading something different? Naperville Public Library is challenging you to expand your reading horizons with the Amazing Book Challenge. Accept the Challenge!

Each month we will provide a different theme to encourage readers to broaden their reading interests. Read or listen to one book within the theme each month and receive a small monthly prize. Read or listen to one book from each of the 11 themes to be entered into a drawing.

Themed reading lists with suggested titles will be provided each month or you can choose your own title as long as it relates to the monthly theme.


  • The program is open to all; no library card is required. Register for the program by visiting any of the three library locations or online.
  • Participants can read or listen to books from monthly thematic reading lists. Reading lists are available below.
  • When a theme is completed, log your title online or in-person; then visit the library to receive a small prize.
  • Log one title a month to qualify for an entry into a prize drawing.
  • The last day to log a title is December 31, 2020. Prizes will be awarded in January 2021.

Monthly Book Lists